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App Entwicklung Augsburg

Who we are

Chitin Software - We make apps for people

We develop mobile apps for large and medium-sized companies, startups and one-man businesses. Even though we're working with ones and zeroes, when it comes to the development of our digital products it's always the human that's at the center of our efforts. The concepting and programming of flexible, but robust Software with intuitive UI is one of our core competence. We accompany your project with our four employees and a network of qualified freelancers from the first idea to the go-live in the app store, and beyond.

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Our Services

What we can do for you

App Entwicklung Agentur in Augsburg


We use workshops and innovative input to progress the digitalization of your business.

App Design

UX and UI Design

Concept, Wireframes, Userstories, Personas, UX/UI Design, Clickdummys...

App Betreuung Augsburg

App Development And Support

Native or crossplatform? iOS oder Android? There are many ways to your own app.

Marketing and Aftercare

A good marketing concept and integrated app-SEO help getting a good ranking in the app stores.


This is what we know best

App Entwicklung, nativ und hybrid

App Development

Native and hybrid app development. Development of mobile apps for iOS and Android. Hybrid-App-Development with Flutter.

App Sicherheit Agentur in Augsburg

App Security

"App Security Check" is an innovative consulting product that helps protect your mobile app from cyber risks.

Augmented Reality Augsburg

Augmented Reality (AR)

AR enables your app to insert information into real environments using the device camera. We know how - and already developed our own products for it.

Smart Home, Smart Car, App Entwicklung


Internet of things - Apps to connect the physical and the real world. Common examples are smart cars or smart homes.

App Entwicklung social platform

Social Platforms

What would we be without us? Apps for social platforms connect us via chat or messengers with partners and like-minded people professionally and privately.

Cloud Lösungen, Content Management App

Cloud & Content

News, Videos, Trainings, Documents - manage your content in the cloud. Apps bring the content automatically to your users.

Our Values and Work Ethic

What you can expect from us

App Entwicklung - Chitinsoftware aus Augsburg

Chitin is flexible

We're curious and flexible. New ideas, innovative technologies - that's our jam! After a short onboarding phase we'll be ready to work on your project.

Chitin is organic

We dynamically integrate into existing structures and continue to grow with you. Mutual creative impulses are the best foundation for success. 

iOs und Android App Entwicklung Chitinsoftware

Chitin is robust

Our standards of quality: No jittering, lagging or freezing. Chitin products are tested for quality and stability, functional and sustainable. 

Chitin is light-weight

We treat you as equals and love straightforward and open communication. We work in a customer-focused manner and offer effective and easy-to-understand solutions. 


What our clients say

“Chitin Software has ported our app to the latest state of the art technology. This allows us to operate our platform sustainably!”

Monkeybiz GmbH & Co KG, Melanie Epp (Geschäftsführerin)

"Through our collaboration, we were able to significantly expand the functionality of our video recording app 'YouSport'. The expertise in Flutter contributed to the success of the project.

Seven.One Sports GmbH, Thomas Pockrandt (Director Product Engineering)

"Our collaboration was very good because even complex scientific requirements were understood and met.”

K.I.T - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Prof: Schmidtlein (Projektleitung)

"BayernFM is an innovative company. Our applicants can experience this for themselves through the BFMCasting app. Many thanks to Chitinsoftware for the quick and professional implementation."

Bayern Facility Management GmbH, Frau Muderlak

"Chitin Software has supported us in a professional manner in optimizing our existing app. We are completely satisfied with the communication and the results. For this reason, we will be happy to continue using the services and can recommend the company without reservation."

heisse Werbemittel, Jan Heisse

"The development of our text adventure was carried out professionally, reliably and quickly. With Chitin Software we are relying on a long-term partner who will always support us in further development and maintenance."

Atropos Tales, Manuel Futterer, Geschäftsführer


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You have questions? Let's talk about your project.

You want us to develop your app? Your app is not working properly? You just want to ask us about the app development? Feel free to contact us - we look forward to hearing from you!

Chitin Software Agentur in Augsburg

Wolfgang Wiedemann, CEO


Most of us use apps: whether Google Maps for navigation, Netflix for entertainment or Facebook for communication - every app serves its purpose. It is often more convenient for users to access the relevant service via an app. When it is worthwhile for companies to have an app programmed and what makes a strong partner.

While most of us only know apps from a consumer perspective, for companies like Chitin, their technical details are a language they speak fluently. Christian Weiss and Wolfgang Wiedemann founded the company in 2015 out of passion. The founders are interested in good software and love being creative. Both are essential for good app development. Over the years, the team has grown and now consists of a good mix of permanent employees and freelancers. Chitin is the number 1 for app programming in Augsburg, but has long been known for its app development beyond the city limits.

What's special: Customers can approach the company founders directly with their app ideas and get an honest opinion on the chances of success and the technical implementation. The experienced professionals then give an assessment and create a plan to bring the app idea to life. The company offers a complete service - from app programming to marketing.


Do you think a homepage is enough? Not necessarily! It all depends on what you want to achieve. An app is basically a type of additional program that users can install on their smartphone, for example. But there is also app programming for computers. Apps allow users to personalize their smartphone and adapt it to their personal needs. Loading times are minimized and less data is used overall than on mobile websites, for example. Operation is generally much simpler and more convenient.


A mobile-optimized website is standard these days. After all, this is an important ranking criterion for search engines. A good mobile website is enough for many companies, so when is the additional app worthwhile?
Eight out of ten people over the age of 14 in Germany own a smartphone, according to a Bitkom study. These 57 million people are buying more and more online: A study by PwC, for example, showed that in 2019, for the first time, more people are using smartphones than PCs to shop online. This makes it clear that the importance of cell phones and thus also of apps is growing. It is no coincidence that industry giants such as Amazon and Zalando have been offering their customers apps for years. In 2018, for example, around 152 million users in the USA used Amazon's mobile website and 112 million used the app. This was shown by a Comscore study. What is interesting for companies is that buyers' engagement with the Amazon app was significantly higher: customers spent 85 percent of their time in the app, compared to just 15 percent on the mobile website. The more time customers invest, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Under certain circumstances, it can be worthwhile for companies to invest in app programming.


Whether it is worth having your own app depends largely on the business model of the company in question. Once installed, the app can become a permanent fixture on the mobile phone, the company can send push notifications, make content available offline and enable users to navigate more easily. The direct accessibility of the target group through push notifications or other messages is a big plus. New products can be shared promptly and often reach the audience faster and more reliably than in conventional channels such as newsletters or social media.


Completing a purchase via an app is often more intuitive and faster than via a mobile website. Time is money - especially on the Internet. Even the shortest waiting or loading times will cause many potential buyers to abandon the offer. The entire ordering process is easier with an app: customer data is saved and the customer is automatically logged into their profile. There are often only a few clicks between researching a new product and the time of purchase.

There are many reasons why a purchase is abandoned on websites, but technical problems play just as much of a role as an overly complicated process in the online shop. An app usually eliminates these factors. The bottom line is that an app can therefore ensure greater customer satisfaction, more sales, a better brand image and greater customer loyalty.


If you are not sure whether an app is really worth it, ask someone who should know: your customers! You can easily find out with a short survey on your homepage or on social media. However, it is often enough to analyze metadata. For example, do your customers often search for a newsletter or do many of them sign up for it? Then the need for information seems to be high. Do customers report problems with the online shop in reviews? This can also be a good indication that there are problems that an app could solve.

Some companies or business ideas are even based almost exclusively on an app. These include community ideas such as the Barrio app, which Chitin Software programmed. It has already been downloaded over 10,000 times on Android devices and about the same number on Apple devices. Parents use the app to arrange playdates with their children. Users can use a chat function and create profiles and friend lists. The app programming agency from Augsburg created this app natively, i.e. with an individual backend for iOS and Android users.


Chitin's service includes apps for smart homes and smart cars, company-specific app solutions, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), IoT (Internet of Things), porting and much more. Don't worry if some of the terms are not immediately clear to you. The experts are ultimately responsible for the technical details and advice. In principle, the professionals can program an app natively or hybrid. Native programming is done in the company's own programming language, i.e. with Java or Kotlin for apps in Android systems, for iOS they use Swift, for example. The IT experts program hybrid apps so that they work in both operating systems. The desired performance and necessary computing power of the app and numerous other factors decide which type of programming makes more sense. When choosing between iOS programming and Android programming, it is worth taking a look at the user numbers. Around 75 percent of users have an Android smartphone and only around a quarter have an Apple device.



– Lower programming costs
– Lower maintenance costs
– Sufficient for apps with low computing power
– Access to the phone’s hardware (camera, GPS)


– Technically the current non-plus-ultra
– Best performance
– Perfectly adapted to every platform
– Offline function
– Can access the camera, GPS or other hardware of the smartphone


Apps, like websites, always need to be maintained. New security standards, changed algorithms or other factors can mean that a change is necessary. This should be taken into account when calculating costs. Chitin Software provides honest and realistic advice on which app design is ideal for your idea and what costs will be incurred. The company then develops a clickable dummy that makes the app, its appearance and its function tangible for the customer. After the customer has approved the design, the coding experts get to work and convert the template into a functional app. Chitin is known for app development in Augsburg, but is happy to serve customers nationwide.


Chitin Software is the name for app programming in Augsburg. The IT experts either develop the app completely from scratch or offer a special service for existing apps. Not all developers on the market have a lot of experience and know-how. Sometimes this means that the app does not perform as desired, that maintenance costs become too high or that maintenance is not carried out properly. Chitin can help in such cases too. Together with the experts, customers then plan a relaunch, further development or update of their existing app. Porting to another platform is also possible.


What's the point of an app if nobody knows about it? This is precisely why Chitin Software offers a complete service from app programming to subsequent marketing in combination with search engine optimization. The app programming agency thus ensures that your offer does not get lost in the sea of ​​apps on the market. It is worth not outsourcing the marketing part, because Chitin already has a deep insight into your product right from the start, which is crucial for marketing. Right at the start of app development, Chitin, the app development Augsburg, creates user stories, personas and wireframes. Thanks to the user stories, the company knows the target group and their problems and wishes very well. The user story clearly summarizes the benefits of the app in one sentence. The development of personas not only helps to develop the perfect app for the end user, but also puts the target group more in the foreground. The behavior, goals, challenges, motivation, wishes, interests and demographic background of the customers are therefore already known before the app is created.

The developers of the Augsburg app development not only know your product inside out, but also know what problem it solves for the customer. They understand the customer and can therefore tailor marketing and search engine optimization to the needs of the target group. For this reason, it is not worth outsourcing advertising to another company. Chitin's Augsburg app development is located just outside Munich and is therefore easily accessible for customers. On the way to your own application, a strong partner like Chitin is worth its weight in gold. The Augsburg app programming agency looks forward to hearing from you and your app idea soon!