Here you can see references of our mobile app developments, from electronic ticket purchases for ski enthusiasts to streaming platforms and highly complex social media apps. Natively programmed apps or hybrid developments, app relaunches and apps that we have supported from the idea and conception to the live launch and beyond. At the forefront: IoT applications - Internet of Things. Smart apps that connect household appliances, baby monitors, garden irrigation and much more to the Internet and let us control everything from anywhere. 

Whenever hardware meets software, you've come to the right place!

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Referenzen App Entwicklung Augsburg

Skidata App


"Mobile Flow" is an app from SKIDATA, the world's largest provider of mass access systems, which enables electronic ticket purchases and contactless access to ski resorts via Bluetooth Low Energy. This means that ski vacationers no longer have to wait for the purchase and validation of tickets.
As an external service provider, we played a key role in the development of the app, which was programmed natively for Android and iOS, and worked closely with the core team at SKIDATA.

The free app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

On behalf of SKIDATA AG

Deep6 – Awakening

Deep6 is a real-time online game adventure with a unique atmosphere created by text, music and art assets. The sci-fi story takes place underwater. The player must make decisions that lead to branching story paths - or to game over. The exciting adventure game does not require an internet connection and is free of advertising.

On behalf of Atropos GmbH

Referenzen Gaming App
Alarm App für Unternehmen

Leutek Alarm AppLeutek Alarm

The company Leutek offers monitoring systems for IT infrastructures. The company wanted an alarm system that would reach operational employees everywhere and enable reactions from any location. Alarms can be sent via voice call, SMS, email or push message.

The Leutek Alarm app for iOS and Android was developed as a hybrid application.

On behalf of LeuTek GmbH

SBS AppSBS Sozialvorschriften

Training – advice – service – the training institute for professional drivers wanted an e-learning app that supports truck drivers on the road. With the SBS app, truck drivers, as well as dispatchers and entrepreneurs, always have an overview of driving and rest times, proof requirements and exceptional situations. The SBS social regulations app was developed for iOS and Android.

On behalf of SBS

Referenzen App Entwicklung
Referenzen App Entwicklung Augsburg

Veg AppVeg App

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology wanted an app for mobile recording of vegetation data. We developed the VegApp natively for Android. Vegetation data is recorded via GPS and can be provided with coordinates. The VegApp is linked to a database. It is even possible to export and import files across devices.

On behalf of Karlsruhe Institute for Technology

You Sport Reporter AppYou sport Reporter

You Sport Reporter is a streaming platform for regional games in a wide range of sports. Goals, fouls or exciting scenes can be filmed and immediately uploaded to

The highlights can be viewed and shared on social platforms on the website or the YouSport Player app.

This hybrid app was programmed for iOS and Android using Flutter.

On behalf of Seven.One Sports GmbH

Referenzen Hybrid App


What our clients say

“Chitin Software has ported our app to the latest state of the art technology. This allows us to operate our platform sustainably!”

Monkeybiz GmbH & Co KG, Melanie Epp (Geschäftsführerin)

"Through our collaboration, we were able to significantly expand the functionality of our video recording app 'YouSport'. The expertise in Flutter contributed to the success of the project.

Seven.One Sports GmbH, Thomas Pockrandt (Director Product Engineering)

"Our collaboration was very good because even complex scientific requirements were understood and met.”

K.I.T - Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Prof: Schmidtlein (Projektleitung)

"BayernFM is an innovative company. Our applicants can experience this for themselves through the BFMCasting app. Many thanks to Chitinsoftware for the quick and professional implementation."

Bayern Facility Management GmbH, Frau Muderlak

"Chitin Software has supported us in a professional manner in optimizing our existing app. We are completely satisfied with the communication and the results. For this reason, we will be happy to continue using the services and can recommend the company without reservation."

heisse Werbemittel, Jan Heisse

"The development of our text adventure was carried out professionally, reliably and quickly. With Chitin Software we are relying on a long-term partner who will always support us in further development and maintenance."

Atropos Tales, Manuel Futterer, Geschäftsführer


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Referenzen Chitin Software
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Referenzen Chitin Software
Referenzen App Entwicklung
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